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Original Article

Implementation of Prehospital Handover in the Emergency Department: A Proposed Novel SRCA Checklist in Saudi Arabia

‏Yousef Mohammad Alsofayan, ‏Ahlam Suliman Alomar, ‏Abdulaziz Amer Alsuwayyigh, ‏Yazed Alruthia, ‏Saqer Althunayyan, Taimour Shukrallah Jan, Mahmoud Sulub Alsomali, Ali Mohammed Ali Almatari, ‏Fahad S Alhajjaj, ‏Jalal M Alowais

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed/72-1688855022
Original Article

Yield of Leukocytosis in Predicting Brain Computed Tomography Pathological Findings in Pediatric Patients with Head Traumatic Injuries

Bsaim Abdulsalam Altirkistani, Abdulaziz Mahdi Alghamdi, Abdullah Osama Abukhodair, Yazeed Mohammed Alzahrani, Najeeb Alqarni

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed/72-1695927946
Original Article

Discharge against Medical Advice and its Relation to the Length of Stay and Re-admission Rates in Emergency Department at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Maha B Abowadaan, Mohammad Alnamlah, Abeer O Ghawnni

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed/72-1692380492
Case Report

A case of acute aortic dissection in emergency department: lessons learned

Ibraheem AlZaabi, Mohamed Jaber, Ahmed AlSuwaidi

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed/72-1674029718
Case Report

Back Pain – Case Report and a Proposed Three-Step Mind Map to Approach Back Pain in the Emergency Department

Ayesha Almemari, Amani Mohamed Abdelwahab Elkhalifa, Mohamed Ibrahim Elsakati, Sarah Mohammed Bin Hariz

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed/72-1682372805
Original Article

Self-Perceived Comfort in Performing Basic Life Support Among Medical Students in Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Study

Maan Jamjoom, Bsaim Abdulsalam Altirkistani, Mohammed Ahmed Sayes, Hassan Ahmed Alalawi, Abdulrahman Osama Alibrahim

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed/72-1683629882
Review Article

Which leadership model holds well in emergency medicine? (A comparison between three types of leadership models).

Mustafa Y. Alhinai

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed/72-1676288570
Original Article

The clinical experience of croup at a tertiary care center in Jeddah, Western Saudi Arabia

Hazem Alhazmi, Bsaim Abdulsalam Altirkistani, Yousof Fahad Allarakia, Dania E Faidah, Danah Ahmed Alqarni, Wesal Waheed Murad, Shaimaa Ali Alghamdi

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed/72-1687213663
Original Article

Effectiveness of Midline Catheter Insertion Course in Improving Procedural Skills for Emergency Physicians and Nurses

Abeer O. Ghawanni, Afnan H. Elahi, Hani Hariri, Sultan Alfaifi

Abstract PDF DOI: 10.24911/SJEMed/72-1677834804